Tingleby behang - blauw/rood

€ 49,95 (inclusief 21% BTW)
Voorraad 3 stuks

Sandra Isaksson: "Vibrant Turquoise and White Penguin wallpaper.The paper used for our wallpapers is sourced from sustainable forestry and made in the UK. The surface can be wiped clean when hung. Hang as standard wallpaper, instructions included. Price is per roll. Size: each roll is 52cm wide and 10m long. Repeat is approximately 10cm.

Little anecdotes, hidden memories, secrets untold and almost forgotten. Whispered behind closed doors and under bed sheets; escaping through open windows to settle down on a neighbour's shoulder. The beat of life bouncing gently along cobbled backstreets and alleyways until being swept away with the wind through the trees. We are inspired by the magic in those stories; made up or made real, told and retold. They are what tie us together; they make up the tingling patch work that forms our community. This is Tingleby."

Het behang is gemaakt van papier dat afkomstig is van duurzame bossen in Engeland.

Het is afneembaar met een vochtige doek.

Afmeting per rol: 52 cm breed x 10 meter.